An Dev House Built on Top of a Leading Web3 Training Institute.

For Protocols

Our network of certified developers is at your service.

For Developers

Let us accelerate your Web3 journey with elite, hands-on training.

Our Mission

Becoming Web3's premier developer community by focusing on its greatest asset, people.

A cross-chain community of developers ready to build for the future. The Web3 Builders Alliance offers an intensive, hands-on blockchain developer training institute that differentiates itself through experience. The WBA certification will be an on-chain badge of honor reserved for the elite.

The Team

Jeff Rothstein

Co-Founder, Institute

Professional educator and curriculum designer of 30 years turned hacker & Web3 evangelist. He spends his days building learning experiences to prepare the next wave of world-changing developers.

Daniel Mirantz

Co-Founder, Operations

Dan has spent the last 15 years designing products & leading delivery teams. With his quality background and cross-functional expertise he enjoys designing practical solutions & simplifying the way we work.

Nathaniel Hughes

Co-Founder, Strategy

Nate is a professional blockchain strategist & researcher. He advises many blockchain projects including Concordia, Bril, and others.

Chauncey St. John

Co-Founder, Impact

After a successful operational leadership career with GE, Chauncey founded and serves as CEO of Angel Protocol, harnessing the power of Web3 for charity endowments, social entrepreneurship & impact investing.

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