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Protocols, both large and small, exhaust enormous amounts of time & resources identifying talent. The WBA developer network is at your service.

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The WBA network is family. Our analysis goes beyond just technical ability. We are able to match based on personality & culture to ensure a good fit for your team.

The WBA Certification

The WBA certification is a developers badge of honor for meeting all requirements of The Institute. Only those who are qualified will earn it.

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Any experience short of extraordinary will be considered failure. Risk free periods ensure all involved are happy.

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WBA Cadet Profiles

WBA Certified Grads are working across Web3 on projects such as: Juno Network, Angel Protocol, Fluxus, Ju, BinSol, BlockScraper, Ark Protocol, Lava Suite, Use Soda, and more. Multi-talented, well trained, collaborative, and responsible stewards of the blockchain- WBA Grads are the top 5% and leaders in the space.

Our Certification reflects multi-talented Builders have completed 2 months of intensive coursework, including analyzing, writing, testing, and auditing code. Developing user stories, workflows, prototypes, and PMF strategies. Every WBA Certified graduate has built a unique use-case PoC/MVP that is on testnet, reflecting their capacity to execute and ship.

We focus on Smart Contract Development using Rust-based frameworks such as Anchor and CosmWasm. Our builders come to us with existing robust developer backgrounds spanning the range of skills and experiences, including Web2, Web3, Front End, Data Science, infrastructure/ tooling, product, and more.

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